Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Maskman! The finale..

                                 SECOND PART                FIRST PART

The biggest problem with this mask-man theory is that it stops you from trusting the people around you. It almost forces you to believe that people are not being real to you. They have been secretive, hiding their other side, the real them from you.
“I don’t want to reveal my weakness to all the people, people whom I don’t trust. They might use it against me.” She said.
“Neither do I!” I said.
“If I’m not sharing something with someone, it doesn’t mean I’m masked. It means I’m just being cautious.”
The thing which I had always liked about her was her practicality. I may not be practical all the time. I love to live in my own world. I don’t always take decision based on practicality. On the other hand she always looks at the practical feasibility of the things. One corner of my brain was occupied by these thoughts when she was discussing with me about the masquerades. It was like she read my mind. She knew what I was thinking, about her and about myself.
“Why makes you so surreal?” She asked.
Surreal? I had to think. Was I being unreal? May be I was. But it was not the real me. May be the mask that I was flaking made her think that I was unreal.
“May be the negativity around me makes me unreal.”
I meet many people daily, in my office, at my home, on the road and invariably almost all of them carry a wave of negative energy around them. The air around me was full of negativity. At times I felt I was inhaling more negativity than the oxygen. It had left me frustrated and devoid of calmness. May be it was the reason I was shedding a mask and was being unreal. I was in need of oxygen, the positivity. I wanted to come out of the web of negativity.

Her constant probing made me realise that I was masked too. But I wanted her to look beneath it, on the surface and pull me out of it.
“Look at the outside of  this moving train- rain, clouds, the mountains.. nature is not wearing a mask or is it? You would never know. But you like the nature, don’t you? It doesn’t matter whether a person is masked or not. What matter’s is how you perceive people and how do people perceive you.” She responded.
A person plays a different role at different junctions. An employee who acts sheepishly in front of his boss is the same person who is ready to take on the world for his kid. He doesn’t want to be a coward in front of his kid because a kid learns from his parents. Does the man is a maskman? He probably is. But when was he wearing the mask? In the office or in front of his kid? Perhaps there is no correct answer to the questions and it probably doesn’t matter.

Shall I trust people with masks? Was I wearing a mask too? Or was this the real me?  By now, it was apparent that people do wear masks, almost all the time. I was no exception.  Dichotomy of being real and unreal is how you perceive other people.
I looked at her and smile. With her I never had to think twice before expressing myself. She was that positive energy that I needed. Sometime we are so fazed by the happenings around ourselves that we fail to identify the real things that we want.


Uma said...

Having read your posts,I agree to the fact "People do wear masks " and that's how they have been preached from the time are born.The fact that people are taught to control their angers , forgive and forget things , chain and unchain events that may arise due to conflicts in life...everywhere there are masks and most of them has done more good than the reverse

Anjan Roy said...

At first let me commend you for this commendable post...!!!

Yes every body wears a mask and it's foul to think that it's not the correct way in's very obvious that people has to bear a mask as they cannot be the same individual to each and every circumstances in their life and thus it also answer the question that...yes it's difficult for a person to have the same personality towards every body in life...Loved it...!!!

Adhi Das said...

good post...GOD LOVE U

Me said...

Yes you are right... we all wear masks in our lives and it takes love to make us remove that mask and show real US to that person!

Brilliant post :)

Tanya Sehgal said...

I loved the question being put up by the lady between a masked employee & a father. Super cool end, yeah all of us wear a mask in one way or the other, some call it diplomatic behavior, some agree upon it as a way to be cautious (like you pointed out). A nice story with a cool ending! :)

Prasoon said...

@ Uma.. very well said. Yes there are more good people than bad one. Thank you ! :)

@ Anjan.. Thank you again buddy!! :) Yes a person can not be same at different junctions of life. Im glad you liked it. :)

@Adhi- Thank you :)

Prasoon said...

@ Me.. Thank you! Good to see you here again :)

@ Tanya.. You always love the questions put up by lady :) Thank you and see I concluded it as a trilogy. :) :)

Tanya Sehgal said...

:) Yeah, but that's not my case, its you that put it so nicely :) The story in a delightful direction :) Thanks for the trilogy thing :D :)

Bikramjit said...

hmmmmmmmmm we all have masks for sure, and I think life teaches you to be like that. We cant open ourself to everyone ..

I use to think this way why have masks but a few experiences in life taught me that there are only a few who know the real you ..

A lovely story I must say ..


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