Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Maskman! Is it so tough being real?..

It all started the time I woke up that morning. I quickly prepared tea, took news paper and headed towards terrace. I usually don’t read newspaper but I like to hold it in my hands. Winters were just starting and they had a positive impact on the sun-rays  they were calm! I leaned against the wall and looked on the roadside. I saw kids with their mothers waiting eagerly for their school buses to arrive.

They were jumping and screaming and the ladies were all smile, a pleasant sight. It reminded me of the days when I was a kid. It was a good start to a day but I forgot that the day had just started and had no idea that I was going to drained by the end of the day. Nevertheless, few minutes later I was inside the room, it was time to get ready for the office.  
“I’ll come with you today.” My roommate said.
“Sure but the bike is punctured. I’m taking an auto.” I grinned.
“Is it? Then I shall leave. I’m getting late.” He said and left hastily.
I could do nothing but look at him closing the doors. We were supposed to go together, I thought.
“What did you make of it? Your roommate was wearing a mask that time?” She asked again.
“I don’t know. May be he was or maybe I was thinking too much.” I replied.
“He might be in a hurry.” I added.
Our past always has an impact on our present, my manager told me after I reached office. He told me how he moved up the ladder, how he thrashed his competitors. His team was the best in business, always on the top. And of course he told about his expectations from me, they were high!! It appeared he wanted me to listen to him. He wanted me to reciprocate what he did for me. What he did for me? He recruited me but that was it. It was only me since then and not him. And he was reckless who never cared for his colleagues or juniors but for him.

Why abruptly he was acting as if he cares? Why he wanted me to follow him? I sensed the anxiousness in his words. It was may be because the pressure on him was mounting. Not only from his seniors but from peers also.

“Another mask man; isn’t it?” She interrupted.
“Of course he is one egocentric mask man.” I concluded.
“Isn’t it because a person can’t be same all the time? My mannerism changes radically with situations. Well of course it depends on where and with whom I’m.” May be she was right but then it was one of those days when I didn’t care for right or wrong.
“A person can’t be same all the time but he can be real per se. There is a difference between reacting to the situation and not being real.” I said.
“And that difference is wafer-thin.” Her response was quick.
More than my boss it was the reaction of one of my colleagues that baffled me the most. I failed to understand how a person could lead a aimless life. I had always admired him because he was the best at whatever he did. May be he was afraid of telling his desires as if I were going to ridicule him. But then I’m no one to scorn him.
“I don’t want to show my emotions in front of you or any one. It may make me look vulnerable. It doesn’t mean I’m masked. It is just I’m in command of my emotions.” She said.
“And hence that’s not real you.” I said quickly.
“ means.. it’s not real you. You are a Maskman.” She said

 To be continue....


Harshita Srivastava said...

U r always too good with your posts
Waiting for the next part :)

Anjan Roy said...

Great Going man...eagerly waiting for the next part...!!!

Anonymous said...
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Prasoon said...

Harshita and Anjan.... thnk u frnds :) :)

Me said...

Oh wow...this is getting interesting....

Noopur Kothari said...

I guess i missed the previous ones... :(
But enjoyed reading this....

Thanks for landing on my blog, visit again :)

Tanya Sehgal said...

I just read both the parts. Make it a triology, hehe :) It was a great read !! The dialogues were cool specially that of the lady :D

Prasoon said...

@ Me - thank u :)

@ Noopur- Thanks and welcum :)

@ Tanya- Wish granted :D It's a triology :) and thnks :)

Bikramjit said...

I read to be continued .. hmm ok will go to the last one to finish the story


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