Sunday, December 16, 2012

Shaving is no Fun!

“What is with keeping the stubble?” she asked.
 “I didn’t have the time to shave.” I replied. clean
“Come on! It is about couple of minutes only.” She declared.
“It actually takes more than couple of minutes.” I knew better than her.
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“You are no Brad Pitt. So stop experimenting and clean your stubble next time onwards. It makes you look dirty.” She said.
Dirty? Hell no! I took a bath before coming to meet you, I’m wearing the perfume you gifted me and I always use hair gel on our dates.  All you noticed is my unshaven face? And by the way it’s the brand new t-shirt that I’m donning, I thought. Though I agree if Braddy and I were participating in Mr. World contest and good looks was the only criterion, at least in this birth I would never win the coveted title. But who cares? You are no Angelina Jolie either.
We used to discuss a lot about the looks. How people dress? What they do to look better? I never hesitated to tell her when she needs to visit a BEAUTY PARLOUR. Was I her fashion consultant? I mean come on, make up is a girl’s birth right. Who would like to have a girl with thick eye brows? At least I don’t. I would never mind my partner spending time and money in Beauty Parlours.
Nevertheless, it was one of the few instances when she asked me to shave though I don’t like completely clean shave look and trust me, shaving is the biggest headache. Ask the people who shave daily. It’s time consuming and boring. There is nothing extra ordinary about it.

That evening we spent arguing about the stubble. She deliberately ruined the evening, I felt it. She left before we could finish our dinner. I was fuming but had no other choice but to convince her. I called her but she didn’t receive my phone.
I reached my home. I was tired and all I wanted was my bed. I don’t remember when I slept. I woke up in the morning and finished my morning chores. It was the time to get ready for the office. I took out my Gillette Mach 3 ready shaver and started cleaning the stubble.
“If we are meeting in the evening, why would I need to shave again? She is crazy!” I thought.

The day was slow in the office. I came back home after hustling with the heavy traffic. As soon as I entered my home I received an SMS. It was her.
“When you say that I need to go to beauty parlour, I never mind it because I know that you care for me. So, if I’m asking you to shave than I’m saying it because I want you to look great. I want you to look pleasant. I want you to stand out in the crowd. And I love you that’s why I’m asking you to shave. I really hope that you love me too and I would see you stubble free in the evening. And remember I always love you.”
I love her too and to make her unhappy was the last thing I wanted. Though I shaved in the morning, I decided to shave again only to please her. That day onward I never forgets to shave before meeting her.

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Anjan Roy said...

i completely agree with shaving is a waste of time as afar as i am concerned...and i make it a habit not shave until it's extremely urgent...

good one Prasoon...:)

Ashwini C N said...

Subtle gives a very nice look. I like it that way. To all the men out there, Good luck for this contest :-)

Anonymous said...
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ritesh said...

I enjoyed reading your post...wittily laced with the right dose of humor...that line 'You are no Angelina Jolie either' was the best part....I never entered the contest coz I thot it was meant for the fairer sex only....Besides, how do I tell whether men look good in stubble or clean-shaved...this is a prerogative for the women...
PS- As for me, I shave after every few days i.e. when it becomes a matter of necessity :)
PPS- There have been times when I have gone a month without shaving...Yes, I can be like that.

Prasoon said...

@ Anjan.. though I dont wait till it become extremely urgent but yeah its a boring job!!

@ Ashwini.. true that.. thanks :)

Prasoon said...

@ Ritesh- It is not for fairer sex only. You can participate too :) One month is a long long period.. but yes there are times when I dont shave for 2-3 weeks.. :)

Jay Singh said...

Hi Prasoon,

Lovely take on the topic. :)
I totally agree with you, shaving is a big pain. I feel like the Principal from 3 Idiots who utilizes his shaving time for involuntary actions.
Great post, best of luck for the contest. :)

Keep up the good work



ritesh said...

hehe...ya, i hav changed my habit...i shave once a week , on an average these days

Soumabha Roy Chaudhuri said...

This post is wonderfully humorous. Shaving is a pain , a bigger one when you are actually dating. "I never hesitated to tell her when she should visit the BEAUTY PARLOUR" - I admire your guts ;). This is very hard though, by the time they actually show up for the dates they actually have 2 cm of makeup on them :P. Loved reading the post !! :)

Noopur Kothari said...

:D :D
I dont know what to pen down here :)

Me said...

Loved your witty take on it!!


Anonymous said...

Great post Prasson ! I feel most women like clean shaven men, but I also agree shaving everyday may be tedious :)

Bikramjit said...

yes very true.. I hate shaving and would do anything to get away with it always ..

Stuble is good :) and I thought girls usually liked the bad boys he he heh


Prasoon said...

@ Jay- hehehe taking a leaf out of Virus's book :) but yeah shaving is a big pain. I never like doing it over and over again. Thanks :)

@ Ritesh.. I shave twice a week :)

@Soumbhava- Hahaha I second you on two cm thick thing. Lol :P

Prasoon said...

@ Noopur- even I didnt know what to write :P

@ Me- Thanks :)

@Diana- Now I have to agree that most women like clean shaven look and yes seriously shaving is a tedious job

@ Bikram- You said it! Stubble is good. I used to think the same :D :D

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