Thursday, December 13, 2012

Happy New Year

It was breezy Saturday night. Winters had started and nights were colder now. Dark clouds hovered just below the sky. The earth lightens up momentarily as lightening struck the sky. After the lightening it was the time for rain to wet the surface of earth. The dogs start yapping as another lightening struck the sky.
When the rain stopped and watch clocked at 11:50, a motorbike stopped near the junction. A man in his thirties got down and parked the bike at corner of the road. He removed his helmet and wiped his face with a bandanna. He slipped his hand in the pocket of his pants and pulled out a packet of cigarette but to his dismay it was empty! He pulled the bag from his back and checked in its pockets. He found a cigarette rolled in a paper. He unrolled the paper, lit the cigarette and closed his eyes. It was a long and frustrating day in the office though he had waited for this day for a long time. He had goose bumps and couldn't sleep previous night. He was nervous and excited. However, he knew a little that all his efforts were going into the vain and it had left him devastated.
“Take it easy Rahul. It happens!” said Sanjay, his colleague.
“I’m not going to leave him. He will die!” screamed Rahul. He had given his everything to the company. He had worked early mornings, late nights, on the weekends and the least he expected was promotion.
“Come on man. This is not the end of the world.” Sanjay tried to calm his nerves.
Normally a man with soothing and pleasant demeanor, today Rahul was bursting with anger. He wanted to go back into the cabin of his boss and throw him out of the window. He had been overlooked in favor of Ritesh who was coincidentally the nephew of the company’s vice-president.
“I’m sorry man. Better luck next time.” Ritesh winked at Rahul.
He almost smacked Ritesh into his face before being stopped Sanjay.
A bright light and a boisterous sound forced him to open his eyes. A fast moving heavy truck was headed in his direction. The truck gained more speed as the distance between them reduced.

He got frightened as the distance lessened further and moved back. The driver pressed the breaks just before running over him.
“Are you crazy?” Rahul yelled. His heart was in his mouth. He was terrified.
“Sorry! I didn't mean to scare you.” The truck driver said as he opened the doors.
“ Didn't you see I was standing here? And why were you driving so fast near the corner of road?” His heart was still pounding at the highest rates.
“These are power breaks sahib and I had no intention to run over you.” Truck driver grinned. His grin was sinister.
Rahul rubs his head with his fingers and gave the driver a threatening look.
“What do you want?” He asked the driver.
“I saw you smoking the cigarette. My stock is over and I thought I might borrow one from you. It’s cold.” Driver said and got down from the truck.
“That’s not the right reason to drive fast. You are driving me nuts man.”
“Trust me that was the only reason. I smoke two full packets of cigarettes a day.”
“I’m tired. Take the cigarette and go.” He said in a low voice and passed his half smoked cigarette to him.
“Don’t you have any fresh stock?” The driver asked.
“This is the only one I have. Take it or give it back to me. I want it badly too.” He got irritated by constant blabber of the truck driver.
“Don’t get angry sahib. I’ll take this and could you tell me the way to enter the city. I’m lost I think.” He said and got inside the truck.
“Head towards east.” He replied.
“Thank you and by the way what is the time sahib?” He asked again.
“Five minutes to twelve.” Man replied looking into his watch.
“Ok, five minutes to go.” Driver said.
“For what?”
“New year sahib.  Happy New Year.” The truck driver said and pressed the accelerator.
“Happy new year.” Rahul said in a low voice and saw the truck driver moving the truck on the neighboring road.
Meanwhile Rahul pulled out another cigarette rolled in a paper from the bag. He lit it and watched the actions of truck driver from the corner of the road.
“He is going in the wrong direction again.” He thought.
However, after travelling a small distance the truck stopped and took a u-turn and gradually increased the speed of truck. Rahul stood on the road and watched the truck coming in swiftly on the road adjacent. He checked the time in the clock. It was fifteen seconds to twelve. The distance between them lessened as he watched in consternation. His hands shivered and cigarette fell of his hand as he sweats in the cold. At the same time he heard a screeching sound from his behind. Before he could turn a car zipped passed him. Next moment a cacophony of sounds hit Rahul’s ears like a tidal wave. He covered his ears with his hands as he fell on his knees. The five ton truck moving over eighty miles an hour had crushed straight into the passenger side of the car. The crunching of metal, the tinkling of glass as it shattered into the car.
It took him few seconds to realize what had happened. He quickly got up and went near the destroyed car. He saw two men covered with blood inside the car. He broke the window and got inside to pull them out. Next moment a shiver went down his spine. Those were the bodies of his boss and Ritesh and on the other side laid the body of truck driver. They were dead!
Rahul took out his mobile phone from the pocket as it buzzed. A message!
“Happy new year. Have a great life ahead.” He read the message. It was Sanjay.


Sandhya said...

I was not able to believe! Very good narration, Prasoon!

Aparna Sinha said...

Great (read unexpected) end to the story.. kind of sad too... Nicely written

Debopam said...

Great post......

anurag hundal said...

loved it!loved it!

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Me said...

Sinister...loved the narration : )

Tanya Sehgal said...

Devastating end, an excellent narration done from your side buddy. I wish the end was not that blunt. :( Take care!

maya said...


Prasoon said...

@ Sandhaya, Aparna and Debopam - Thank you very much :)

Prasoon said...

@ Me- thanks buddy :)

@ Tanya- Will try to write better ends for stories next time :)

@ Maya- Thanks :)

Ashwini C N said...

Wonderfully said. As we sow, sow as we reap. Excellent narration :-)

Bikramjit said...

all comes round ..

Excellent story


Prasoon said...

@ Ashwini and Bikram - Thanks :)

palak said...

excellent work as olws :)

Harshita Srivastava said...

I liked the end :D

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