Sunday, December 23, 2012

Story of how I craved and got rid of Stubble!

“I’m loving it!” she said as a wild wave lifts us two feet’s in the air.
“And I’m loving you!” I screamed.
For the last thirty minutes we were playing with the waves coming from Arabian Sea. Life had never been so beautiful. It was our first vacations together far away from the chaotic world. I always wanted to go to a place where I would not know anyone but her. A place where I won’t have to care about anything but her. A place that breathes romance. My fascination for beaches took us to Malpe beach near Udupi.
By the time we came out of the water, Sun had changed its color to orange and was slowly settling down at the horizon of Arabian Sea. We sat on the sand near the sea shore. It was white and cold. I wrapped my arm about her shoulder and pulled her close to me. She turned her face towards me and smiled. I looked into her eyes and tucked her hair behind her ears. Her flawless olive skin emphasized her pecan shaped eyes. She looked beautiful! Our lips caressed as we leaned in closer. But before I could have captured her lips in mine, I was pushed back.
“What was this?” I threw my hands in despair.
“What’s wrong with you?” She said as she got up. What’s wrong with me? The most romantic moment of my life had been screwed just now and you are asking me?
“What’s wrong with you?” I asked.
“Do you know what I hate most?” she asked.
“Apple!” I said confidently. Because she doesn't own any Apple product, she started to hate Apple the fruit as she just can't stop loving Mr. Jobs and his innovations.
“I wish it was Apple but unfortunately it is the same thing that you guys are so fondof!” She said as she cleared the sands from her legs.
What guys are fond of? Ok, what I’m fond of? I had to think. There were not many things. A plethora of thoughts succumbed in my brain but still I could think of nothing.
“Our toughness?” I said with a poker face.
“Oh come on. You guys only pretend to be tough but you are not. In fact you all are cry babies.”
Cry baby? Has she lost it? I thought and looked at her quizzically.
“It’s your stubble, I hate most!” She declared.

And I hate your natter. Why you need to do it all the time? Look around you; stars have just started to shimmer, Sun has liberated itself from all the warmness and is slowly drowning in the sea, the sound of waves striking the sea shore. Isn't it beautiful? And what more, I’m with you! Isn't it the perfect evening you always craved for? I thought.
“Oh come on! Ninety percent women prefer man with rugged look.” I said as if I had researched the market.
“Well, you need to correct your stats. Eighty seven percent women like cleanly shaven look as per the recent studies.” She said. Is she saying it because she wants to be in the big league of woman who hates stubble?
“I shaved yesterday evening.” I almost pleaded. I wanted that kiss.
“Why didn't you shave again before coming here?” Her response was quick.
“Shaving is no fun. It’s boring and time consuming. I can’t waste my time cleaning the stubble twice every twenty four hours.”
“Because of your indolence you have just lose out on a Kiss!” She remarked.
You didn't kiss because I had stubble? Is it some shaggy joke? I thought. Soon a normal discussion made way to a heated argument. And suddenly from being her dream man I became a slothful and dirty creature who never cared for her. She asked me to follow SRK and not Brad Pitt. Now I wanted to tell that I tried to imitate Mr. Pitt because she had this wrong perception about herself being an Angelina Jolie lookalike.
Few minutes later I knew the complete procedure of WAXING because she wanted me to know how much pain she goes through only for me.
Enough was enough; I didn't want to reduce my evening to rubble. I held her face in my hands and leaned towards her for the much awaited kiss. What happened next? I had never imagined it in my wildest dream. She had struck right at epicenter of my rib-cage with her knee.
“Are you out of your mind?” I screamed in pain.
 “Don’t you dare touch me!” She let out a louder scream. I looked around and thanked god as there were not many people. But those who saw couldn't help but let out a wide grin.
We didn't talk after that and she left for walk near the sea shore. By now Moon light had brought an end to the relentless warmness of Sun. Few minutes later I saw her talking to a man near the shore. They talked for couple of minutes and shook hands before he left.
 “You were talking to a stranger in this unknown place?” I asked as soon as she was back.
“Nice guy! Asked me for a dinner and you know what? He doesn't have stubble.”
Did you kiss him or touched his face? I wanted to ask.
“Is it only about stubble?” I was frustrated.
“I like you the way you are but you look much better without a trace of hair on your face. I won’t say that you remind me of SRK but you look every cent the guy I have always dream of. I go through every pain in the world only for you and all I’m asking you is to shave. You could do this.” For a change she was calm.
“It’s not even twenty hours since I last shaved.” I said.
“It’s not even twenty hours since we last kissed.” She retorted quickly.
“Oh come on!”
“No shave no kiss!” She announced.
“You have gone nuts!” I said in disbelief.
She didn't reply. Immediately we decided to rush back to hotel room. Though I tried to change the evening long topic many times but she didn't say a word during our way back . Soon we reached hotel. It was the time for bath. She made her way to bathroom slowly. She stopped at the doorstep and turned towards me. I looked at her and smiled. She reciprocates with a wider smile. I regained my all the energy, quickly undressed and ran towards the bathroom. Meanwhile, she stood there and looked at my actions. She entered the bathroom as soon as I reached. We looked at each other before exchanging the smiles again. A thought crossed the threshold of my mind to kiss her right there but I decided to move inside the bathroom first but before I could put my foot inside it, she SHUT the door hard. I could do nothing but come back. I went near the mirror, looked at my face and slowly moved my fingers over it.
 “She was right! It is rugged.” I thought. “But I like it. Nothing wrong with it.” Now I was thinking. I stood there as I checked my beard from every corner.
Minutes later she was back. I looked at her but she ignored my stare. I asked her about the dinner but she didn't reply. I asked almost everything but she was not speaking anymore.

“Hi Divya!” She picked her phone as it buzzed. She had bamboozled me by now. First no kiss, than she praised a stranger who was clean shaved and now she is not talking to me. Damn, she had hit me too!

She was still on phone as she walked near the window. I tried hard but could hear nothing. I was sure it was Divya’s brainchild. I never liked Divya. She had a devil’s mind! However, after putting the phone down she came back. I asked her about Divya but expectedly she didn't reply. My head started to burst and I needed a shower badly. I went into the bathroom and locked it from inside. I looked into the mirror again and then I saw a Gillette Fusion Gamer razor and fusion hydra gel placed next to soap. 
“Damn! She knows every trick.” I thought. I wanted to migrate from Gillette vector plus to Gillette Mach 3 but this was even better. I hold them in my hands. They were tempting. It was impossible to resist. And I wanted that kiss too. I opened the gel and rubbed it over my stubble. Now it was the time to clear the stubble. Few minutes later I bid adieu to stubble that evening. And the next moment I heard a Knock on the door. I opened it and it was her. Gamer razor was indeed a game changer.

 This post is a part of 'Shave or Crave'  movement in association with the biggest community of Indian bloggers.


Kinara :) said...

Hahah:D This was fun!!
Girls can get real tough at times.But they also help you write an amazing story;)
All the best for contest.:)

Anonymous said...

haha this was good fun!!! goodluck!

Noopur Kothari said...

:D Good one...

Me said...


Nicely written... he he!

All the best for the contest.

ritesh said...

Brilliant....the romance at the beach was so refreshing and the way you weaved a story round the topic is incredible....There's so much to learn from you....I hope you win this contest

ritesh said...

PS- You already wrote one post earlier for the same contest

Prasoon said...

@ Kinara.. Yes..very true. However, girls can be very mean too. They won't help writing a story :P

Thanks :)

@ Color and Nupoor - thank you ! :) :)

@ Me- Thanks buddy :)

Ramaswamy VK said...

Well written....

Tanya Sehgal said...

That was a unique take by you, a fabulous job. I was completely engrossed in what next, you must win. The speciality of this post is that t's written by a guy shedding one of the coolest symbols of men :D WOw, simply amazing...Beach romance & a story to tell, impeccable I must say.

Ashwini C N said...

Good one :-)

Anjan Roy said...

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Prasoon said...

@ Ramaswamy- Thank u :)

@ Tanya- Thank u :) I think there are many guys who have write about it. Hoping for the best :) Thanks!

Prasoon said...

@ Ashwini- thank u :)

@ Anjan- Thanks a lot buddy. It's always great to be recognized by fellow bloggers. :)

Bikramjit said...

in the month of November I started growing my moustache .. and what happens a contest comes out to get rid of the STUBBLE :) a wrong time he he he

All the best with it Sir


Prasoon said...

@ Ritesh- Thanks buddy.. I think there is a lot to learn from you :) You have an incredible ability to write fictions.

P.S. yes this is my second post for the contest

Prasoon said...

@ Bikram- Ha Ha.. I really think this contest has spoiled all women bloggers in the country :D

Thank you sir!

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