Sunday, April 22, 2012

Life is Short & Time is Swift - 2

‘Bye!’ Rahul smiled as he pressed the accelerator. He stopped at the corner of the road to get last glimpse of Tanya. He waived his hand. She blew the smallest kiss and smiled broadly as Rahul disappeared in the relentless darkness of night.
Rahul and Tanya were the sweetest couple in world. They were the most happening couple. Every day was an occasion for them. They always look for reasons to celebrate and when they don’t find any, they celebrate for no reason. It was their way of living life. It helped that their brains work on the same frequency.  Life is short and one can’t afford to waste it. Time is swift! One has to catch up with it, it doesn’t wait for anyone.
Soon Rahul reached home. He called Tanya to inform that he reached home like every day without any hiccup. It was an important task which he could not afford to miss. He had missed once and was almost killed by Tanya. She had gone bonkers! Ever since Rahul met with an accident while driving back home, she never compromised on it. After hustling with the TV remote for few minutes, he switched off the TV. He flipped through the pages of his favourite sports magazine but didn’t read anything. For some reason he had a bad feeling. He didn’t know what was it and what was it about? But he just had it. However, he decided not to strain his brain and give it much needed rest. He switched off the light, slipped under the blanket and closed his eyes. He knew Tanya would be waiting for him in the dreams and he didn’t want her to wait more.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

EarthquakE; WheN ThE EartH ShooK!

‘I have never seen Tsunami, I want to see it live!’ A woman said when police was trying to evacuate the famous Marina beach at Chennai after the Tsunami alert issued by Indian government yesterday afternoon. ‘At the office! Experienced the earthquake for the first time J.’ Declared an old classmate on his Facebook wall. ‘Are we really nearing the end of the world?’ Questioned another friend on his wall.

As soon as I opened my eyes after a long sleep yesterday afternoon I felt my eyes hazy and head spinning. I informed my roommate about the same. He advised me to sleep for few more hours before leaving for office. He left for office after advising me. I was still on bed when I received an SMS from another roommate- ‘Tremors in Bangalore! Did you feel them?’ After reading the SMS I realized that I might have just experienced the first ever earthquake of my life. I switched on the TV and shocked by the news of Tsunami alert. I kept changing the news channels in pursuit of more news.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

SplasheS Of LovE

I was strolling down the shore. Moon was gleaming on the water. It was a beautiful night with full moon. I was in awe of the moon that alone had outshined the uncountable scattered stars. Waves were making the pleasant sound as they were touching the shoreline one after another. A tender breeze from ocean was caressing my body. Ambience was dominated by the glittering sand, soothing breeze and moonlight.

I sat on one of the rocking chairs fixed on the sand facing the ocean. I lifted my face to look at the moon. ‘God must be in a romantic mood when he created the moon.’, I thought. It was beautiful. I looked at the ocean as a small wave splattered few drops of water on my legs.

 Beautiful beach- beautiful ocean- beautiful moon- beautiful ambience. It was all extremely beautiful.

I was in a dreamland. Everything was vivid. I got so fascinated by it that I was left unsatisfied with beauty. I wanted more! I turned my face left and then right in a quest for more beauty. I couldn’t find any! I got disappointed. I looked down in agony and struck the sand with my leg and then the sand was in the air next moment. It was flying away from me gently. Suddenly, I saw something between the droplets of sand. It was not visible clearly. I brushed the sand aside with my hands. Still, I was not able to look at it. I left the chair and stood up. Now I saw it moving. I moved towards it. It moved away from me, towards the ocean. I moved faster. It stopped! Distance between us lessened. It slowly turned towards me. I stopped and hold my breath. My heart refused to beat. That was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. No, it was not a thing. It wasn’t an illusion either. I knew, I was in love the moment I saw her. Yes, it was a girl. She came close to me. She holds my hand in hers. I looked into her eyes, big and mysterious! My eye’s followed my heart’s route. They refused to blink. There was complete silence, only a slow and serene breeze with the splashes of water was blowing.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

AlwayS Your'S....

‘What you keep thinking.’ she asked leaning over me. I looked at her and caught her eyes shimmering. Her big and bright eyes never fail to make me feel high.
I sighed and looked outside the windshield. After few seconds I turned back towards her and took a deep breath. It is almost difficult to take eyes off her perfectly shape face.
‘An attempt to look into the future.’ I said caressing my fingers against her face.
‘What did you see?’ She lifts her face to look at me and stroked my hairs with her fingers.
‘You will see it at the right stroke of time but everything looks crystal clear when you are with me’ I said and intertwined my fingers with her.
A faint smile appeared on her lips. It’s been one year when I told Tanya that she is the one I waited for eternity. I had never thought that I would be able to tell her. She is a magnet. She pulls everyone. When she talks, she doesn’t stop until her throat dries. Every boy in the college had a crush on her. How could I be an exception? But for me it was not just another crush. I fell in love with her when I first saw her. It is impossible to not fall in love with her.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

LovE @ OfficE

People argue when I tell them that I’m a night person.
‘Working in night shifts doesn’t make you a night person.’ They would say. I agree. In a country like India thousands of people work in night shifts and for many such people their job is unpleasant. It Sucks! But I don’t become a night person when I started to work in night. I always was! I don’t like getting up early. I never woke up early in morning to prepare for exams. I always used to miss early morning classes in college. Moreover my productivity decreases exponentially in daytime and increases manifolds at night.
‘I love working in night’ I said and sat on the sofa.
‘I don’t have an issue either’ Febin said.
It was midnight. We were at the cafeteria on a coffee break. As it was a Friday night, most of the employees were relaxed. Cafeteria was unusually crowded. Four more hours and weekend would kick off. Soon we finished our coffee and unhappily got up from the sofa. As we were moving towards the lift I saw Febin’s eyes flickered back and forth. I looked in the direction he was looking. I saw a girl. She was talking on mobile.