Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Astonished "NISHA"

Astonished "Nisha"
Her heels are making terrifying sounds as she moves swiftly. On her way she strikes into something unknown. It is dark! She couldn’t see anything. She stops when she hears a sound unknown. Frighten and horrify, she slowly turns her body. Next moment; it is brightness all over again as everyone says “Happy birthday Nisha.”

P.S. My first attempt at 55 fiction :) 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Love ya Arranged? For me it is..

“I can’t marry someone whom I have met only once or may be twice.”
“Love marriage obviously but I’m afraid if my parents would second my thoughts.”
“Love marriage is the way to go!”
“Arranged marriage sucks!”
I’m sure most of us would have heard these lines many a times. Love marriage vs Arranged marriage, it is easily one of the most talked about topic. Almost every one of us would have found ourselves as a part of this never ending discussion at least once. It’s a common topic of discussion among the most happening breed of people in our country- “ BACHELOR’S.” So, what conclusion you drew once the discussion is over? Love marriage? Ok, at least 70-80 percentages of us have seen the people around us favouring Love marriages over their counterpart, right?
If you ask me, almost every time this debate (Yes, a debate! We don’t do discussions in India. Be it parliament or a group discussion for interview, we only do debates) end with a result tilted more in favour of love marriage. They say love marriages are made in heaven. Ahh.. so cute no? God, himself has found an angel for me. I’m what? Son of god?
I would like to share a small story before moving further. I have this friend who got married around two years back. Theirs was a love marriage. They met during our MBA days (We three- me, my friend and his wife were classmates). It was not late when they fell in love. Soon, both of them decided to leave the hostel and moved into a separate two room flat together. They were happy because now they were able to spend more time together. And I was fumed because he didn’t have any time for me now.