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Eclipse of love- My entry for the Get Published contest

Being in a relationship was never a new thing for him. For her relationship meant a bond for lifetime. Essence of love was unknown to him. For her love was a quintessential thing. Meet Rahul and Ira, best friends of sort who were so different yet so similar. Both were narcissist minus egoistic. For them marriage was the biggest life event. And of course they believed in arranged marriages. Not to fall in love before marriage was their thumb rule.
They say rules are mean to be broken and a twist of fates made them break their rule. They were in love, not by choice but by kismet. Rahul fell in love with Ira. Did Ira fall in love too? Yes, she did but it was not Rahul and it tore apart the Rahul’s world. Just when everything looked bleak and gloom fate changed ends again. Ira was back in Rahul’s life. Gradually they settled in their professional and personal lives and world around them was almost perfect. But as it goes, falling in love is easy but to endure in love takes more than what you expect. Love brings lot of challenges with itself. Biggest of them is to keep the essence of friendship. When it starts to disappear, it’s the high time to wake up.  
Rahul and Ira were going through one such phase. It was not late when distrust replaced trust and expectations changed along with priorities. To add more gloom to it Ira moved to a new city, some thousand kilo meters away. And if it was not enough Rahul’s parents mounted the pressure on him to get marry, of course to a girl from his own caste.
Did Rahul meet Ira again? Were they ready to move into long distance relationship? Did Rahul confront his parents? What about Ira? Did she still have the same feelings for Rahul? Did they find their lost friendship?

What Makes This Story ‘Real’ - Falling in love is easy but to stay in love confronting all the hardships makes a relation work. In today’s world priorities changes in a blink of eye. You not only have to fight the world outside but also how you deal with changing expectations of your partner and yourself eventually decides fate of the relationship.

That evening I realized what was her connotation of love. Abruptly her sleep broke and she looked for me in the room.
“Rahul.” She whispered.
She turned towards me as I was about to respond. I smiled and waved my hand. It brought a smile on her face too. She went into kitchen, took her coffee and came to balcony. She came near and we kissed.
“I slept.” She said cutely rubbing her head against my shoulder.
I wrapped my hand over her shoulder and she leaned her face on mine. I kissed on her forehead. It was the most beautiful evening I ever had.
Endnote: This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.

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Me said...

Interesting idea... voted for you :)

Wish you all the best...waiting to read more

Tanya Sehgal said...

Wow ! Such a cute story, I am dying to read more of it. Rahul & Ira seems to be a great couple. I loved the note, where you mentioned why the story was true. :) All the very best Prasoon :) Take care!

Anjan Roy said...

Enduring Lines...most streaking part of anybody's life is not that they fell in love but to fall in love which is against their what you call thumb rule...liked it a lot...!!!

Ashwini C N said...

You have this innate ability to catch the attention of the readers through your narration. ;-) Nice one. Good Luck :-)

Bikramjit said...

Totally agree with you .. falling in love is easy but to make the relation work and be in love .. takes hard work

a lovely idea all the best for the contest


Prasoon said...

@ Me- Thank you :)

@ Tanya- They are indeed a great couple. Thanks :)

@ Anjan- Thank you :)

Prasoon said...

@ Ashwini- Thank you very much :)

@ Bikram- Thank you sir :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, liked the idea and voted. Please vote for me

Kirti Gautam said...

good idea and good naming .... Ira so sweet name .. thanks to vote me

Soumabha Roy Chaudhuri said...

Interesting idea Prasoon... most of us are looking at this contest to make people fall in love. Maintaining a relationship is a new theme and I love this idea. Voted for you !! Best of Luck :)

Prasoon said...

@ Amrita.. thanks and I voted :)

@Kirti- Thanks buddy and welcome :)

@Soumabha- Yeah hopefully it work and idea get shortlisted :)

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha looks classic the eclipse of love :)
will love to read it

Anonymous said...

Intrstng ..Wana read more of it...:-) gud luck

Anonymous said...
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Chandu said...

Nice one buddy...all d best...

Jay Singh said...

Hi Prasoon,

Yes, you've made a valid point in this idea. Falling in love is quite easy, maintaining the relation and seeing it till the very end of our lives is the toughest part. That's why most of the relationships fail in the early days itself.

Your idea should come as a reality check for many of the couples. Waiting to read the entire story in paperback :):)

My vote goes to you, wish you luck :):):)

P.S. Do check out & vote for my entry for Get Published.


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