Sunday, August 9, 2015

How Traffic near KR Puram Station (Bangalore) is so Much of a Mess ?

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Hanging Bridge near KR Puram Railway Station is probably one the biggest disaster in Bangalore. The cable bridge was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee among much fanfare. No doubt, it is one of the best hanging bridges in country but also it has become a subject of mockery over the last few years.

In last decade or so Bangalore has gone through an unprecedented Development. While the development helped Bangalore gain recognition across the globe as Silicon Valley of India, it also led to a massive increase in traffic. 
While the main purpose of Bridges is to relax the traffic and help people commute easily via different mode of transport, the now infamous Hanging Bridge has only made it more difficult for people to commute.
The whole problem starts at the point where bridge starts on the Old Madras Road. There is a bus stand (unofficial ) right at the point on start of bridge and you will find all type of people old, young, women and kids standing on a slender divider waiting for buses and as soon as bus arrives you will see people running all over the road to get into bus. And by the way this all happen when regular traffic continues to move further.
In the meantime, before a bus moves another bus would stop at the tip of bridge only to increase the chaos. Be it morning, afternoon or evening, if you are coming via old Madras road be ready to stuck in traffic and if it is peak hours’ time, then God Save You!
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And if some how you manages to cross this point and took the service lane adjacent to KR Puram railway station you will find yourself still into the middle of heavy, slow and sometime nonmoving traffic. 
This stretch is home to a lot of transporters and automobile service centers; you will always come across a lot of trucks and other automobiles standing at those service centers. And there is one more bus stop just before the KR Puram stations and buses will throng them one after another to get everyone coming out of station right into their buses. Right then and there you will find yourself waiting for these buses to move and unfortunately they refuses to move an inch until they are full to capacity. 
Over the years stretch near KR Puram station has become an object of scrutiny among the commuters and rightly so. It is not less than a nightmare to cross the stretch. Although the hanging bridge is an engineering marvel but that part is one of worst in Bangalore when it comes to traffic management.