Monday, November 12, 2012

Love Strings- I

“Ok, so tell me again why the hell we’re on the sea shore at two in the afternoon!” Pavan reiterated.
Pavan was helping his priest father in decorating the temple when he got an SMS from Varun. He wanted to meet Pavan immediately. Locales of Udupi, a town situated near the coastline of Arabian Sea in the south-west state of Karnataka, Varun and Pavan were childhood friends. They were working in a multinational software firm in Bangalore and were visiting their native to celebrate Makara Sankranthi. However, reason to come home was not exactly the same for Varun.
"I need your advice." Varun replied after much thinking.
"Go on."
Varun sighed and looked the water drenching his feet's. Meanwhile Pavan got up and waited patiently for the reason.
"I think I have reached a state of breakthrough, I can almost feel it." Varun said as he also got up.
“And what shall I make up of it?”
“She definitely wants me back and I need your opinion.”
“God! Not again. It is over! Listen buddy, she dumped you. She made it clear when she returned everything that you gifted her.” Pavan said angrily.
Varun was still in shell shock. After being in a relationship for longest time, Varun had broken up with his long time girl friend Ananya. Varun had loved her ever since he had first seen her on his first day at the college. Ananya’s ability to think bitchy along with her great looks and a penchant to throw parties made her in every sense a true MEAN GIRL. Every girl in the college wanted to be like her and every boy wanted to be with her. Varun was no exception. Like everyone, he too fell for her when he first saw her. And it was not late when he asked her for a coffee and it marked the beginning of a most remarkable chapter in Varun’s life.

“You want me to give up on her just like that? We shared a special bond or else we wouldn’t have been in relationship for such  long a period.” Varun defended.
“But it’s over now.”
“It isn’t and I know she feels it too. I just have to try and reach her and make her realize it before she ends up with some wrong guy.”
“Give it a thought. You might be that wrong guy for her!!”
“I called you for help.”
“I’m providing you the help.”
Discussion went on but it headed nowhere. None of them was ready to change his stance an inch. It was impossible for Varun to think anything but her. Nothing hurts more than realizing that the person you loved meant everything to you but to her, you meant nothing. Varun was hurt and he was just not able accept that the girl with whom he dreamt of painting his future had left him.
“Do you really want to know what to do?” Pavan said.
“That’s the reason we are here.” Varun said.
“Look over there, that girl is sitting there for a while. Go and talk to her.” Pavan said gesturing towards a girl as he looked over Varun’s shoulder.
“She’s is pretty but she is no Ananya.”
“Look buddy, she is not the only girl in the world. This is not the end. It’s a new beginning. I understand that it is not easy but you too have to understand it. Take a break. Don’t think about her. Do something new.” Like it was for last couple of months Pavan was trying hard to bring Varun out of the trauma of break up. But Varun just didn’t want to come out of it.
“I came home to take a break but still she is in back of my mind.”
“That’s because you are doing all these bullshits. You are giving your mind the time to think about her. Why did you come here in the noon? Stay at home, spend time with your parents and for god sake forgot her.”
“Why don’t you change your job and get marry. It’s been three years since you have been working here and the time is perfect for you to get married. It will completely freshen up your life.”
“I too want to change the job. It sucks me from inside. And I’m only 25 and not marrying anyone but Ananya.
“Come on man! Don’t fool yourself. Ok tell me, what were the last words you guys spoke?” Pavan asked. Varun was his dearest friend. He wanted him to move on.
“You’ll never find anyone like me again, I had said.” Varun said.
“And what did she reply?"
"I should hope not! If I don't want you.. why would I like someone like you? said Varun in a low voice. 
"Move on buddy. She doesn't want you anymore." Pavan pats on his shoulder.
"Moving on is simple, it's what you leave behind that makes it so difficult." Varun said as Pavan left.

will continue it further if it's worth.. so it depends on your valuable comments :)


Renju said...

Ahhh.. you have stopped narrating at the very point!! :( Pls continue and i wish you end it in a more happy way. .coz i got so moved by the way you have put it here that i cant take pain of a sad ending!!

sathish kumar said...

elegant way of story telling

D.Nambiar said...

next part please...:)

Tanya Sehgal said...

Wow! a lovely depiction of an excellent idea. The way you narrated the entire story is commendable, really liked the touch of disgust & want to go back ideologies of Varun here. :)
Eagerly waiting for the next part, please do write it soon friend :) Take care!

Prasoon said...

@ Renju.. m glad that u liked it.. I will continue :) Thanks for stopping by :)

@Sathish.. Thank you!! :)

Prasoon said...

@ D. Nambiar- Coming soon! :)

@ Tanya- Thank you for your kind words.. I will come up wid the next part soon :)

Meera Sundararajan said...

Interesting... guess love does not understand the logic of whether someone is right or wrong for them...Interesting. Would love to read more.

Me said...

Very interesting.... love is something with which perhaps logic never goes hand in hand...being rationale is the last thing to be expected from a lover :)

Waitinf for the next part...loved it!

Anonymous said...

Do continue.. it's interesting.. reminds me of "I will love once again" by Krishna Verma.. :)
Why is love so blind?

Prasoon said...

@ Me? Well said buddy.. thnks for dropping by :)

@Punamjr -- Thanks :) I havent read " I love once again" . Why love is blind? It's a question only the person who is in love could answer :)

Bikramjit said...

moving on.. ah well now easy said than done..

but good advice to a friend , if she has done once she will do it again toooo.
Dont know why people do this , I guess that is what life is ..

domesticgoddess-nextdoor said...

I know d second part has already been written....but i desperately hope good sense prevails

Ashwini C N said...

Moving on can be tough, but when the other person is that mean, that would be a good decision.

Prasoon said...

@ Bikram- Yeah.. Some people would never change.

@ Domestic goddess- Thanks :)

@ Ashwini- Yes.. Moving on should always be an option. Time never stop than there is no reason a man shall not move on :) thanks

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