Monday, November 19, 2012

Love Strings- 2

Varun stood near the sea shore after Pavan left. Dark clouds had started to gather under the sky and slowly the light was fading away. But they didn’t bother Varun, as they reminded him of the evenings he spent with Ananya. The memories were so beautiful that it was impossible for him to forget Ananya but everything. As he walked down the shore, he took a stroll down memory lane.
“Give me two.”  Varun said to coconut water vendor.
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The vendor quickly chops the coconuts in two halves and hand them over to Varun. He picked them, paid money and leisurely walked on the soft sand. It was dark by now and tides coming from Arabian Sea were striking the shore the hard. People from all parts of India visits Malpe beach. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in this part of the country.
“You want to drink both?” Ananya asked from behind.
“I bought two coconuts and two straws.” Varun turned and smiles. He gave one straw to Ananya and walked close to water. They sat on the soft sand and stretched their legs towards the sea. Splashes of sea water, pleasing sound of waves, glistening moon and gleaming stars left no stone unturned in making it the most beautiful evening. The water and sand were cold alike. It was full moon and romantic.
“Why do you take me out in moonlight always?” asked Ananya staring at the moon.
“It builds an aura around you. It makes you look angelic.” Varun smiles and placed one coconut over the sand and put the straw in another coconut in his hand. He asked Ananya to put her straw in the same coconut but she snatched it from his hands. He put his palms under her palms and looked into the sky as the sand under his legs glittered. Shining stars were dazzling beneath the moon. The night had become more so beautiful.

“This is the most beautiful evening I have ever had in my life.” Varun said as he looked at Ananya.
“Thank you for bringing me here.” Ananya smiled.
Varun looked at Ananya as they start swallowing the Nariyal Paani. She looked at him as soon as she finished. They smiled. He holds her hand as she rested her face on his shoulder. He gave a gentle pat on her face and looked at the sea water drenching their legs.
Varun was brought back to real world when his phone rang. He took it out from the pocket of his pants. An unknown number! He clicks on the receive button.
“Hello.” Varun said.
“Mr. Varun Kotian?” A girl said from the other end of the line.
“Yes, I’m Varun. Who is this?”
“Hi Varun, I’m calling from Pristine Consultancy. I got your resume from one of the job portals. Are you looking for any job change?” The girl said in a single breathes.
“Obviously I’m looking for a job change, hence I updated my resume.”  Varun replied nonchalantly.
“Ok, so Varun..”
“But it might not be the right time to speak about it. I’m at home and on leaves.” Varun said before she could brief him about the job.
“So, when do you think would be the right to speak about it?”
“Drop me an email. I will look at it and get back to you as soon as I’m back.”
“That would be fine. I’ll send you an email right away and please get back to me if you have any question.” The girl almost pleaded. 
“Alright!” Varun said and hung up.
May be Pavan was right. I should spend more time with his family. It might just help me in getting her out of the mind at least for some time, Varun thought. By now it had become gloomier and windy. He knew he had secluded himself from almost everyone. He had left himself standing alone in a dazed isolation. Repercussion of break up had still occupied a major chunk of his thoughts when it started to drizzle. Lightning flashed under the dark clouds hovering over the sea. It was the sign for him to move. He looked at the sea one more time and then turned his back towards it and took steps towards his home.
“I don’t want you anymore. Please!” Anaya’s last words were still lingering in his thoughts.

Is it worth to continue further??


Tanya Sehgal said...

Ohh! What is this haan? You rose the curiosity of the readers & still ask? I was waiting for more please publish it soon, its such an engrossing tale we want more of it, the complete version please. Who told you that you were short of ideas? Your stories are a delightful read always. Please let them coming. Eagerly waiting!

Me said...

The answer is a big YESSS.... M dying to know what happened that made Ananya say she does not want him any more!!


Vision Imagination said...

Good work...please don't ask anybody if it's worth in any of your next sequels until and unless you complete the entire story.

Renju said...

Sure. . .pls continue. .i am eager to know what happened between them for her to tell like that!! Like time used to work wonders on life's of people, anything is possible right??

Kappu said...

Wow! That's a poetic write Prason! Loved it to bits!

Bikramjit said...

now u got me curious
although I must say life is like that , one door closed and a new one has opened or might open , hwen he gets the email and sets a interview or something

All the best with the story


Prasoon said...

@ Tanya..Thanks for liking it ma'am :) and trust me I'm really short of ideas.. yeah I will try to keep them coming :D

@ Me- Its on the way :)

@ Vision- as u say sir :)

Prasoon said...

@ Renju yes.. anything is possible..and u will come to know what exactly happened :)

@ Kappu- Thanks a lot .. :)

@ Bikramjit-- Well said sir :) nice to c u here and thnks a ton :)

Harshita Srivastava said...

It's got to continue..I don't want this to hve an end..I need to know the end..Please agey ka likho, have mercy on ur readers :)

Prasoon said...

@ Harshita.. It was suppose to be a one big story.. but looking at the comments..I think I need to trim it and finish it in the third part..:( Work is on!!

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