Thursday, July 5, 2012

I'm aLiVe!! I WaS NoT DeAd EiThEr.... :)

Excited!! Really excited!! Finally I’m writing, writing after a long time, after two months precisely. It was really tough to not write anything for such a long period. Oh dear, I missed it badly!! Ever since I started blogging (though it’s been barely five monthsJ), it has become one of the most important facets of my day to day activities. And to take a break from writing only after couple of months is a sin. Come on! I deserve to be penalized. Moreover it affected my Indirank (It is down by 5 points!! L).

And hence arise the big question-   What was I up to all these days?

Well, many things happened. First of all I fell in love again. Yes, again! It happens way too frequently. It was one sided love is a completely different story altogether. Than all of a sudden an urge to explore southern India made its way into my heart and my mind (They tend to work on same frequency- my heart and mind). And I did go to few places- Ooty (2nd time), Waynard, Hogenakkal, Bandipur, Manipal. A thought came in my mind to write a blog on my experience like many bloggers do in their travel diary. But almost immediately I realised that I’m not apt for travel diary.

I went home to give my Mom and Dad a surprise on their marriage anniversary and for them it was the best gift and it was enough of a reason for me to feel proud. We celebrated the occasion in a big way. Lovely memories!!

And when I decided to come back to writing I got an offer, a job offer. And with the new job my stay at Bangalore came to an end. It was very tough to bid adieu to Bangalore. I’m insanely in love with the city. I had spent four years of my life here, four best years. It has given me uncountable things. I made new friends and met few oldies. I got my first job and first pay check here. It introduced me to pubs! I will never forget Purple Haze. It will be on my high priority list whenever I would go to Namma Bengaluru next time. Yes, my heart broke here. Those were the four toughest month of my life. Not easy when you have to join your first company barely few days after breaking up after years of relationship. But again it was the same city that helped me to overcome.

Anyway, now I have left Bangalore and moved to New Delhi. “Don’t go to Delhi, it’s very hot there” people said. And I agree, it indeed is very “HOT” !!.. It’s been only five days since I landed in the city and I’m already in love with it. Yes, I’m missing Bangalore and friends but on the other hand I’m overwhelmed by the response of my old friends who are in Delhi. Feels great when there are so many people who love and careJ.

So the bottom line is- I will write more frequently and definitely will not take a break of two months again. I just wish people who are following my blog and who were regular readers of my stupid fictional stories would again come back and read them. I hope I would do a better job this time.

Guys, I’m Alive!!!!.....  J J


Harshita Srivastava said...

I was so waiting for your many times I checked on to your bblog to see if there's a new post..but alas!

though I can understand one does get tied up in work...wish u happy days at Delhi..Welcome to our land...

Tanvi said...

Your post is engrossing and I would love to read more :)

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