Thursday, July 26, 2012

A story!

“At what time you would be back?” Aditi asked Sameer.
“It’s Friday! I would be back early. When would you be back?” said Sameer as he starts his car.
“I’ll be late, have a meeting at the end of the day.” Replied Aditi and waved her hand to say good bye.
Sameer met Aditi few years back and they fell in love instantly and it was not late when they got married. Love at first sight! Theirs was not a fairytale love story but they fell head  over heels in love with each other.
“Did he really forget?” thought Aditi as she closed the doors.
It was their marriage anniversary. They had always celebrated it on a grand scale. But today none of them wished the other. Aditi had planned a big surprise for Sameer. She had taken an off from the work. Yet, she expected Sameer to wish her. She was upset but then off late Sameer was extremely engaged in his work. Though he never talks about it but pressure was on his head from every corner. He always pretended that black is white. Aditi knew about it.
She spent the all day in decorating the house and preparing the dishes. By the time she finished, it was five in the evening. She took a quick shower. She opened her wardrobe and selected a purple spaghetti dress that she bought recently.

“You look the most beautiful in this purple dress.” Sameer had said when he had proposed her. It was his favourite colour. She wore her favourite perfume as she got ready for the occasion.
She turned on the radio and called Sameer to check how much more time he would take.
“Hi, I’m driving!” Sameer said.
“Why did you pick the phone? I told you many time don’t talk on phone while driving.”
“It’s ok. I’ll be at home in another..” A crashing sound came and the line got disconnected.
“Sameer?.. Sameer!!!!” Aditi screamed.
She immediately called him again but it didn’t connect. She kept dialling his number but it wasn’t connecting. Her heart was pounding. She was breathing heavily. A plethora of thoughts accumulated in her brain, it was bursting! Speed of flow of blood through her veins increased manifolds. She sat on the bed and covered her face with her hands. She picked the phone and dialled his number again but the result was same.
Soon, half an hour past and Sameer didn’t come back. She called Aakash, Sameer’s friend and colleague but he didn’t pick the phone. “Happy marriage anniversary, Aditi! Sameer left early.” One of Sameer’s colleagues Rajesh told. Now, she had started to have a bad feeling about it. She had her heart in her mouth when the news of a major road accident announced on the radio. Accident had happened around the same time she spoke with Sameer and near his office place.
She immediately got up and ran out of the house. She drove straight to Sameer’s office. She spoke with his colleagues for some time and returned to her car. As she was driving back, she passed through the accident spot. She stopped there for some time.
After some time, she was again at home. She put the key inside the lock and opened the door. She bent down as key fell off her hand.
“I knew you would be here.” She said as she raised her head.
“I didn’t want you to drive all the way to my office.” Sameer said as he walked towards her.
He holds Aditi’s hand, pulled her closed to him and kissed on her forehead as Aditi closed her eyes. He bent on his knees, raised his hand and presented her a rose.
“Happy Marriage Anniversary!”
“I would have killed you, had you forgot.” Aditi said and Sameer smiled broadly.
Sameer took a quick a shower and in the meantime Aditi gave the final touch to her preparations. She has left no stone unturned. House was looking beautiful, an epitome of grace. It was pristine and decorated with equal attention to detail. Sameer came back after few minutes. He looked at Aditi, she was gazing at him through the corner of her eyes. They came closer and held each other’s hand and intervene their fingers. Sameer played the music and wrapped her in his arms. Aditi rests her face on his shoulder. After all the drama finally they were together, engrossed and loving each other.
After some time, Sameer sat on the stairs and Aditi served him with a glass of wine. A sound came as Aditi was sitting near to him. Next moment the door opened and a group of five people entered the room. Aakash and Rajesh were also there.
“She loved him” Rajesh said as sat on sofa.
“He loved her too” Aakash said as his head fell. Few minutes’ later police came and did a thorough inspection of the house.
Sameer had died in the road accident. When Aditi came to know about Sameer, she jumped from the building of their house. She didn’t want to live without him. She wanted to be with him, on earth or in heaven. People die but love last forever.
Aditi leaned over Sameer as he cuddled and kissed on her forehead with wet eyes.

P.S. I wrote this story long back and it was thrashed by one of my friends who him self is a writer. I also realized later that the story is cliched!! ....
 And yes it is unedited :)


Learnfromnet said...

Nice Story Prasoon, It will touch everyones heart. Lovers may die but love lives forever...!

Tanvi said...

Its a moving story.... I just wonder where that love might be in this whole wide world..


Harshita Srivastava said...

People die but love lasts forever...
heart touching..

Ritika said...

That was a very touching story Prasoon,yes it is a little cliched but it is still amazing

Ashwini C N said...

NIce Story, but somehow I found it a bit confusing.

Prasoon said...

Thank you all :) :)

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