Wednesday, July 11, 2012

EtErNaL lOvE..

Jason looked into his watch and got up from the bed. He went near the window and opened the curtains. He looked outside through the window. It was dark. He opened it and a cool breeze caressed his face. He stood there for few minutes and was still looking outside when a faint smile appeared on his face. He closed the window and came back to his bed. He looked at the watch again as he took it into his hands. He sighed as his head fell. He got up and took a quick shower.
It was nine in the morning when the first ray of Sun made its way to the earth after hustling with the gloomy family of clouds all through the morning. Clouds slowly begun to disappear and a bright rainbow emerged on top of them. Winters were finally here!
‘Add two more roses to it’ Jason said to the flower man.
‘It will cost twenty more’ Flower man said as he added two more roses to the bouquet.
‘Do it!’  Jason said and paid him the money. He looked at the beautiful bouquet once again and begun to walk. It was Samantha’s birthday. Her love for roses was legendary! It was more famous than any movie actor in their college. She had declared it on every possible occasion.
Despite being friends and in the same class for four years, it was only during their last days at college when Jason and Samantha realised that they are not just friends..!!   
On Samantha’s birthday previous year Jason had proposed her for marriage.

‘This is the best birthday gift I have ever received’ a thrilled Samantha said and pulled Jason closed to her. They looked into each other’s eyes. Jason caressed his fingers over her face and tucked her swaying hairs behind her ears. They continued to look at each other before they immersed into each other as they hugged.
‘I also have something for you’ Samatha said as her eyes glittered. Her big and shimmering eyes were magical.
Jason raised his eye brows and looked at her. She turned back and ran towards her bike. All this while Jason was looking at her and smiling. He thanked god for introducing him to her. She was the perfect girl for him. Independent, confident, witty and beautiful exactly like the one he had always saw in his dreams.
Soon she was back but with a small box in her hand. It was beautifully packed. She handed over it to him.
‘Open it quickly! I can’t wait anymore’ she said rubbing her hands against each other.
‘This gift is for me! Why can’t you wait?’ Jason said.
‘I can’t wait to see your smiling face’ she said squeezing his cheeks.
‘I always smile when I’m with you’ he said as he was opening the packing.
‘Stop the drama and just open it’ she said authoritatively.
It was a watch, a beautiful wrist watch inside the box. She quickly took it from his hands and wrapped it over his left wrist.
‘Not bad. Huh!!’
‘Idiot!’ she said and pushed him back.
‘It’s your birthday not mine! Why did you buy a gift for me?’ Jason asked holding her hands.
‘Too see your smile, that’s a birthday gift from me to myself!’ she smiled and embraced him in her arms. After few seconds of silence Samantha couldn’t resist and asked Jason- ‘Where is my birthday gift?’
‘I gave you the ring!’ Jason replied immediately.
‘Not fair! One gift for two occasions’ she said disappointedly and turned her back.
Jason put his hand over shoulder and turned her towards him. She looked straight into his eyes and tucked her hairs behind the ears. It was windy!
He pulled out a bouquet and presented it to her. It was full of roses. She knew it was coming but then she loved doing over the top dramas. Life is fun!
It was undoubtedly the best evening of their lives. Soon sky was covered under clouds and it started to drizzle.
‘Come on, I’ll take you for a ride’ Samantha said.
‘Yes! And you will sit behind and guide me’ Jason said.
‘It’s my birthday and choices would be mine!’ she said and took the keys of her bike from his hands. There was no point in arguing. Jason agreed and soon they hit the hills. Jason thanked god once again.
It was again her birthday today, exactly one year after he proposed Samantha. But things were not same anymore. They had not spoken for a long period of time. It was the toughest time of Jason’s life. He continued to walk as he looked at the bouquet again. It was full of roses. He wanted her to come back. He loved her and she loved roses. Soon Sun was again behind the clouds. There was again dark around him. He looked at the sky as a droplet of water fell over his face. He was completely drenched by the time reached there.
‘See, even the god is crying’ he said as he placed the bouquet over the grave of Samantha. She was dead. That ride on the bike became her gateway to heaven. On that windy evening while driving down the hill she lost control and struck a speeding bus. Jason survived and had only bruises but she was not as lucky as him. She took her breathe in Jason’s arms.
‘Please come back. Why did you leave me?’ Jason craved as tears fell of his eyes. He sat there and took out same watch from his pocket-‘Please Sam, come back! I don’t want to live without you!’
‘I’m always with you Jason. I Love You!’
Jason raised his head and looked around as he heard Samantha’s voice.


Ankur said...

Excellent to say the least. Supreme ending!!
Never expected it to end this way. Is this the end or a sequel is on its way??

I'm amazed by the way you narrate the story. especially I liked the way you gave attention to details. Its awesome!!..

Ashwini C N said...

Wow. Someone is back, I was looking forward to reading your stories. They have a unique narration style. As usual, this was good. :-)

palak said...

i like it :) :)

Fida Bosu said...

Love your writing.. but you make me sad.. :(

Prasoon said...

@ Ankur, Thanks buddy.. Im glad you liked it :)

@ Ashwini- Yeah, I took a break from writing.. it was not intentional though.. :) .. Thanks for kind words :) :)

@ Palak- Thanks :)

@ Fida,Thank you! I don't like making ppl sad.. I will make you smile next time :)

eatpraylovemovies said...

Nice! So Bollywood-ish... :)

deeps said...

nice work...

just stopped by

zunnur said...

Vey well written. I like the way you narrate the story with short sentences, I feel comfortable to read and understand.

Simran said...

Very well narrated the whole story. I like the explanations of scenes you described here :)

Keep Writing

Divya said...

WOW!! I just loved your descriptions and the way you narrated the whole course of events...

Harshita Srivastava said...

As always remarkable and soooo romantic...Your gal would be so lucky :D

Tanvi said...

My heart goes out....and I know how it is to lose the only person who is close to you..


Prasoon said...

@ Thank you all.. :)

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