Tuesday, April 10, 2012

SplasheS Of LovE

I was strolling down the shore. Moon was gleaming on the water. It was a beautiful night with full moon. I was in awe of the moon that alone had outshined the uncountable scattered stars. Waves were making the pleasant sound as they were touching the shoreline one after another. A tender breeze from ocean was caressing my body. Ambience was dominated by the glittering sand, soothing breeze and moonlight.

I sat on one of the rocking chairs fixed on the sand facing the ocean. I lifted my face to look at the moon. ‘God must be in a romantic mood when he created the moon.’, I thought. It was beautiful. I looked at the ocean as a small wave splattered few drops of water on my legs.

 Beautiful beach- beautiful ocean- beautiful moon- beautiful ambience. It was all extremely beautiful.

I was in a dreamland. Everything was vivid. I got so fascinated by it that I was left unsatisfied with beauty. I wanted more! I turned my face left and then right in a quest for more beauty. I couldn’t find any! I got disappointed. I looked down in agony and struck the sand with my leg and then the sand was in the air next moment. It was flying away from me gently. Suddenly, I saw something between the droplets of sand. It was not visible clearly. I brushed the sand aside with my hands. Still, I was not able to look at it. I left the chair and stood up. Now I saw it moving. I moved towards it. It moved away from me, towards the ocean. I moved faster. It stopped! Distance between us lessened. It slowly turned towards me. I stopped and hold my breath. My heart refused to beat. That was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. No, it was not a thing. It wasn’t an illusion either. I knew, I was in love the moment I saw her. Yes, it was a girl. She came close to me. She holds my hand in hers. I looked into her eyes, big and mysterious! My eye’s followed my heart’s route. They refused to blink. There was complete silence, only a slow and serene breeze with the splashes of water was blowing.

On the most beautiful night, on the most beautiful place, I was with the most beautiful person.
We came closer and closer…. I moved my lips towards her, she did the same. I closed my eyes as our lips caressed against each others. It was so romantic.

I opened my eyes but…..but she was going…..she was looking at me but she was going……I wanted to stop her but I couldn’t.... I wanted to run towards her, to hold her hands but my legs didn’t move. She blew a kiss as she immersed into the deep ocean….and then on that beautiful night, on that beautiful place I was again looking at the beautiful moon. I was alone again..

P.S. It's not something new. People have already asked me- Why Am I so obsessed with beaches? I really don't know! Anyways, it's on old piece of work. I wrote it more than a year back. I don't have an idea how good or bad is it but it was something that I wrote from the deepest corner of my heart. If ever I write a book, it will be there pakka! :) :)

P.S.S. I Suck @ Titles :D


I do, I do. said...

Many people won't agree with this, but I believe Moon looks most beautiful or that we can appreciate its beauty the most when we're alone. And no, there's nothing wrong with being obsessed with beaches. I too am. Do start writing a book.. :)

PS Part 5 is updated!

I do, I do. said...

One new follower for you, btw! :) Never stop writing!

Harshita Srivastava said...

An amazing post as always...I love the way you describe beaches..I can feel the wind at the beaches even after staying at Delhi where the mercury doesn't seem to go down..Courtesy Prasoon Khare..
:) :)
And do write a book soon..I am waiting for it..
Keep up the good work...
God bless

Gayathri said...

lovely.. the way you have narrated it is soo wonderful.. Moon is very beautiful I love to watch the full moon from my terrace or the late nights I travel back home.. I lower the window of my cab and keep staring at the night beauty! And about beaches I love them too! :D Nothing strange.. :P

Prasoon said...

@ I Do I DO.....Moon certainly is beautiful! I'm not obsessed with beaches I just love them :P

Yes! I'll definitely check revolution 5 :)

Thanks for the kind words! :) :)

@ Harshita- Thank you as always! Good work will go on if I continue to have readers like you :)

@ Gaythri- Thank you! I too like full moon but never made an effort to go to terrace to steal a glimpse of it :D :D

I know now, everyone like beaches. I'm no exception! :) :)

Abhishek said...


Prasoon said...

Thanks Abhishek :)

eatpraylovemovies said...

enjoyed reading it...and yes, i too <3 beaches

palak said...

well this was a very heart touching post!! i just loved it,the moon,the beaches,the ambience you have created in your post is trmendously romantic:) gr8!!

palak said...

i just can say one word on this WOW!!! man....hoh hats off!!

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