Thursday, April 5, 2012

AlwayS Your'S....

‘What you keep thinking.’ she asked leaning over me. I looked at her and caught her eyes shimmering. Her big and bright eyes never fail to make me feel high.
I sighed and looked outside the windshield. After few seconds I turned back towards her and took a deep breath. It is almost difficult to take eyes off her perfectly shape face.
‘An attempt to look into the future.’ I said caressing my fingers against her face.
‘What did you see?’ She lifts her face to look at me and stroked my hairs with her fingers.
‘You will see it at the right stroke of time but everything looks crystal clear when you are with me’ I said and intertwined my fingers with her.
A faint smile appeared on her lips. It’s been one year when I told Tanya that she is the one I waited for eternity. I had never thought that I would be able to tell her. She is a magnet. She pulls everyone. When she talks, she doesn’t stop until her throat dries. Every boy in the college had a crush on her. How could I be an exception? But for me it was not just another crush. I fell in love with her when I first saw her. It is impossible to not fall in love with her.

Exactly a year back, on our farewell night I told her why I was always waiting for her. We have been best of friends ever since I teamed up with her for a quiz. From our love for roadside Panipuri to Nariyal pani, we had many things in common. We loved to waste our time. Making things chaotic was our forte. Punctuality was another thing which was missing from our genes. In spite of all these it wasn’t easy to express her everything by any mean. But when your heart is in right place things do fall in place. I rehearsed every line in front of Saurav (my roommate) several times. He is a bad actor. I don’t know how he is going to join the Bollywood, his dream. However, it did help me when I proposed her.
‘I can’t believe one year has passed. I was sceptical about our future.’ She had told this many times. We have so many things in common. Our interest and disinterests are almost same and people say opposite attracts. ‘It is contradictory to general belief.’ she had said once.
‘And I was always sure. Our similar personalities gives very little space for argument which in most cases is the beginning of the end.’ I had said it many times and said again.
‘Yes! But I miss that part. Roothna aur manana.’ She said covering her lower lip with her upper.
‘At least it keeps me healthy.’ I said and flashed my teeth’s. She didn’t wait much and struck her ever ready elbow right at the epicentre of my stomach.
‘At least I can see your smiling face every day. It’s the biggest pleasure in world!’ She said and poked my nose.
Today was our first anniversary. Tanya and I were on a long drive. She loves them. On her special demand I skipped the office and went for a long drive with her. However, it turned to be very long drive. We were so engrossed in talking with each other that we didn’t realize when we were only a few kilometres away from Mysore.
‘How they do it?’ She asked as she sat over my lap facing me.
‘It happens only in movies that too on bike.’ I said and slow down the speed.
‘But it is very chic. I have always dreamed about it.’ She said and embraced me in her arms. It was the toughest time I faced while driving ( Seriously it was very difficult. I speak very little lie. I almost hit a stray cow that night).
We continued to natter and soon we reached Mysore. It was quiet. Not many people were there on the streets.  Most of the shops were closed. I drove through the heart of Mysore and reached Mysore Palace. I parked the car outside the Palace. We came out of it. It was clear sky. Moon and stars were shining alike. Pleasant breeze added the required beauty to the ambience.
We held each other’s hand and leaned against the car. Slowly we laid down our bodies on the bonnet of car. I turned my face towards Tanya and looked into her eyes. Stars were gleaming in her eyes.
‘It is so beautiful. Thank you Rahul!’ She said and smiled through the corner of her lips.
I got up and held her hand in mine. I want to look at you endlessly.
‘I want you to come here next year with me as my wife.’ I said as I brought out a ring from my pocket. It was the right place and right time.
She covered her mouth with her hands as she got up.
‘You can’t be serious!’
‘I love you!’ She almost screamed as she cuddles me. I hold her tight in my arms.
‘I love you too!’ I whispered

P.S. This ain’t a story. It’s a DREAM!!.. J J


Madhulika said...

Beautiful dream.... I guess this is something every girl also dreams of... When you love someone so much, marrying is the only option left and a guy who is ready to commit is like a fairy tale love story...
May your dream come true... God bless :)

geet said...

Live for the dream, follow the dream nd becm a beautiful dreamer :D

Harshita Srivastava said...

Wow...the dream is meant to be a reality someday...blessed would be the girl who gets such a proposal:)
Great work...Keep writing
God bless

Grishma said...

Great work buddy, I am undoubtly loving it!! Moreover, the small changes you have made to your blog like adding the words to the title is appreciable!I hope this is an honest comment :D

Prasoon said...

@ Madhulika, be it boy or girl everyone dreams the same :)

Thanks for dropping by :) :)

@ Geet- I'm a dreamer! :)

@Harshita- I agree :)

Thanks for the wishes again :)

@ Grishma- Thank you again for liking the post :)
I trust you :D :D

Rohan Shankar said...

Entha dream!!!!

Too ideal!!!

Kajal said...

wow! What narration... and dream on Prasoon.. dream on.. after all... DreamsBEget Reality !
PS: Sorry for this late comment -had to first rush through your post , I bookmarked it and now I am here again:))

Zeba said...

This was good.

I do, I do. said...

Amazing!! I agree with Harshita.. Blessed would be the girl! <3

Ashwini C N said...

Aww. How sweet :-) Every one has dream like this :-), Don't we all? :-)

Prasoon said...

@ Kajal- Thank you! :)

LAte comment doesn't matter. I'm glad that you got the chance to drop by.... :) :)

@ Zeba- Thank you! :)

@ I do I do - Thank you for going through the post :)

Prasoon said...

@ Ashwini- Certainly, we all dream like this :):)

Thanks again for your comment :) :)

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