Tuesday, March 27, 2012

LovE Doesn'T FeaR

As the day was passing, it was becoming more difficult for Sun to maintain the intensity. It is not easy to sustain against dark forces and Sun was no exception that day. Dark and intimidating clouds hovered around it. After indulging in a battle for ages, Sun, the most powerful force of Universe was over powered by the most threatening force. Blue sky was replaced by dark clouds. They were immovable.
‘I’m sure you don’t want to dislocate your intestines’ Tanya said raising her left eyebrow, her favourite gesture. She does it all the time.
‘Anything for you! It’s your day.’ I grinned and stretched my arms in opposite directions.
Ever since I announced about the surprise, she was elated and was endlessly asking me to reveal it.  Even the dreaded clouds couldn’t deter her anxiousness. This is what I wanted! I wanted her to wait, be anxious, have goose bumps and be euphoric when I would finally reveal it. It has to be the biggest surprise of her life. She kept asking and I continued to ignore.
For whole day I was waiting for the right time. Evening, when the Sun would drown into Bay of Bengal before re emerging again at the dawn, when the birds would return to their shelter, when no one would be there but Tanya and I and when she would tuck her wet hairs behind her ears. But all of a sudden it wasn’t the same anymore. I had no clue about distance between Sun and horizon, birds didn’t come back and heavy breeze had dried her hairs. I was waiting to catch the next wave.
‘I can’t kill you but I can’t wait either.’ She said caressing my face with her fingers.
I hold her hand in mine and took it near my face. I planted the smallest kiss on the back of her hand and swathed it with my hands.
‘Good things come to those who wait.’ I smiled as she moved closer. I pulled her closer and hold her both hands.
By now breeze had become incoercible. Our clothes were swaying faster than sea waves. I lifted my face at the sky as we move towards the water one last time. It was gloomy. It looked ominous. I closed my eyes for couple of seconds and prayed to god to bring the climatic conditions to peace for once. It was my last opportunity on the island. We were going back the next day. I didn’t want to miss it.
‘We’ll sit here for few minutes.’ Tanya said just before the edge of shore.
‘You can’t sit here. Weather is scary. Look at the sky.’ I said.
‘It is menacing.’  She said. Her expressions died out.
‘Even the birds have not come back. It is not a good omen’ I said and put my hand over her shoulder.
We were looking at each other. Her eyes were out on stalks. They were the most beautiful pair of eyes. I could see the longing for love in those fearless eyes. They were not perturbed by ill-omened climate anymore.
‘I don’t fear anything when you are with me.’ She smiled and tucked her hairs behind. It is a good omen. God is listening.
 Our eyes didn’t flicker for a second; they were engrossed into each other. They were looking at each other intently. We moved closer. Never in my life had I known love this beautiful. I felt blessed to be in love with her. Her love is non-demanding, her love is beautiful. But before we could rest our selves at the shoreline Tanya screamed.
‘Watch out!’
A big and wild wave struck us. We fell apart and thrown into different directions.

P.S. Title is 'Bakwaas' ? I know it. Nothing came to my mind (creativity has nothing to do with me). BTW suggestions are welcome :) :)



Harshita Srivastava said...

The title isn't isn't 'bakwas' as you say :)
Love doesn't fear, love has a belief that whatever you do will always be done in a good motive :)

I do, I do. said...

Nice post!

Thank you for following me :)

Elvirah said...

Great story! Loved going throuh your narration and thanks for your visit and comment over mine.

Prasoon said...

@ Harshita, thanx again for being the first to post a comment. And yeah I agree with you :)

@I do I Do- A friend told about your blog. I was going through it on my mobile and I was not able to post a comment via mobile for someone unknown reason. Your posts are awesome. :) :)

@Elvirah- Thanks for dropping by. You write fictional stories. I too like writing them. :) :)

Grishma said...

U r amazing.I am waiting for your next post!

Sandhya said...

The title is good and your narration is very good, Prasoon. I never guessed the end. Interesting!

Zeba said...

The title hit home. So it is good. :-)

Prasoon said...

@ Grishma- Thank you, Thank you! will come soon ( hopefully):) :)

@ Sandhya- Thank you again Sandhya :). I thought it was predictable. Glad that you find it unpredictable :D.

@ Zeba- Thank you! :) :)

ritesh said...

It's fantastic....Beautifully described moment...and the title, I wud say is spot-on

Prasoon said...

@ Ritesh- thanks buddy :)

Ashwini C N said...

I like the way your narration is able to hold the attention of the readers, till the end. Nice :-)

Prasoon said...

@ Ashwini, Thanks a ton!! Always a pleasure to see you dropping by. :) :)

Tanya Sehgal said...

Haha nice, I thought you were making way for a Tsunami :) Thanks, for using my name, hehe(just kidding). Pretty nice, I would have loved reading more of it. It could have a sad ending but still I wish it was a bit longer friend :) When is the next part coming for the story about Varun & Ananya??

Prasoon said...

hehehe.... I thought abt it too.. :D

Varun and Ananya.. hmmm.... it shud be on the way soon :)

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